Sinus Infection Home Remedy – What To Do About Post Nasal Drip

Will a sinus infection home remedy be the cure you need? As we all understand, sinus infections are immensely difficult to cure, however, they are fairly common. There are of course prescription drugs and so forth that are used to treat sinus infections, however, natural home remedies and herbal cures may be the answer in many cases. Often times it is not only more effective, but has fewer side effects and has little or no “rebound effect”.


Thousands upon thousands of people suffer from sinusitis every single day. For many, a sinus infection only lasts for a little while (a few days or so), this is known as acute sinusitis. However, for others the sinus infection lasts for a very long period of time, this is known as chronic sinusitis. While there are a large array of different home remedies and natural cures for sinusitis, it would be prudent to first discuss what it is that actually causes it in the first place, and if indeed there are any preventative courses of action to take.


The cause of chronic or acute sinusitis has been difficult to pin down by doctors; however, it is quite common for a sinus infection to follow either some kind of allergy related medical issue or a viral infection. In addition to these potential causes, another less known cause of sinusitis involves environmental factors such as pollutants in the air. Some have also speculated that genes may be responsible for chronic problems with the sinuses. Abscesses in the teeth may also spread to the nasal area causing an infection as well.


Now that we understand what causes a sinus infection, let’s go over what exactly a sinus infection is. A sinus infection is formed in the cavities of the bones around the nostrils, the normally fill up with pus and fluids during an infection. Common symptoms of a sinus infection include: pain and softness in the nasal area, congestion, cough, and bad breath. Additionally, pain in the forehead and eye area is not uncommon. In fact, it is not uncommon for the infection to spread to other areas and cause pain and discomfort in other areas around the face such as the eyes. Postnasal drip is something many with sinus infections can attest to being a severe symptom associated with sinusitis as well. In addition, a loss of smell is a common symptom of a sinus infection as well.


Although it is advisable to consult with a medical professional, there are some home remedies for sinus infection that you should consider trying out, and there is a wide array of them at your disposal. Natural antibiotics seem to work quite well for treating a sinus infection as it attacks the cause rather than the symptoms of the problem.


Some common home remedies for pressure discomfort due and pain in the sinuses include things like steam inhalation, increased liquid intake, application of a wet towel in the nasal area, and use of a humidifier. These things are said to thin out the mucous and provide some relief from the pain and discomfort. Try looking for the right sinus infection home remedy for you, but always remember to visit your doctor if the problem persists.

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