Home Remedy for Sinus Infection – Fast & Easy Cure?

For those looking for a home remedy for sinus infection; the first thing to consider is that there are a number of over-the-counter therapies for congestion and difficulties related to sinus conditions. Though they may be useful, you should also consider alternative medicine to treat you sinus infection, you might want to try using apple cider vinegar. Though a great number of women and men have benefited from its use, there appears to be little to no scientific evidence to substantiate its safety and usefulness. If you have sinusitis make sure you contact a health practitioner. Apple cider vinegar may be a useful home remedy against a sinus infection.


Sinusitis is in fact a very recurrent sickness for many people around the globe. It can be quite irritating for many and can likely make it hard for many to breathe and some may even end up with a fever. Sinus infections are quite uncomfortable and are often treated with antibiotics. But often times antibiotics are not ideal and become ineffective over time. In some cases, home remedies and alternative herbal treatments might actually be preferable.


Sinusitis undoubtedly causes a lot of sinus irritation due to an infection, a final result of which is the blocking of the air channel, which in turn causes pressure and in some cases a sinus headache. The distress within the sinuses might be the result of either a fungal, viral or bacterial infection. Some of the symptoms of sinusitis include discomfort in ears, dizziness, fever, neck ache, headaches, respiratory problems, restlessness, and excess mucus. You may find out that many therapies for sinus infection are actually incredibly uncomplicated.


Some home remedies for sinus infections involve the absorption of veggies like onions and garlic. It is considered to be substantially more potent when eaten raw. Mango is loaded in vitamin A, consuming it will make one more resistant to sinusitis and may help loosen blocked airways.

sinus infection home remedy

One possible home remedy is to try a using a cup of boiling water and dropping 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil into it. Then try using a soaking a towel in the solution and apply it on your head. Then breathe deeply. This process is said to clear up mucous deposits in the nasal and sinus passages. This home remedy for sinus infection has not been clinically proven, as always; consult your physician before trying any procedure.


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