Home Remedy for Ear Infection – Does Vinegar Work?

home remedy for earacheThere is plenty of home remedy for ear infection out there. Many include things like a humidifier, natural treatments like homeopathic ear drops, antihistamines, decongestants, garlic, tea tree oil, etc. However, the benefits of such treatments have let to be conclusively determined. Analgesics, both topically applied and orally taken can be somewhat effective in reducing pain caused by an ear infection, however, there lacks sufficient evidence to conclude that antihistamines or decongestants have much of an impact on the symptoms of an acute ear infection (otitis media).

It is important to consult a physician if you have an ear infection because there is the possibility that it could spread to the mastoid bone and inevitably reach the brain. Patients suffering from this malady often have their ears drained of pus and are sometimes subsequently immunocompromised.

In many cases a chronic middle ear infection is caused by something that disturbs the normal functions of the Eustachian tube. Though an ear infection can be very serious, most of the time, it is not a medical emergency. One possible home remedy for ear infection you might want to try out is vinegar.  One possible way to prevent swimmer’s ear is to try mixing white vinegar with regular old rubbing alcohol. Then use a dropper to drop around five to ten drops of the mixture into each ear – don’t forget to drain the solution out after a few minutes or so. If you already have swimmer’s ear it is best not to use alcohol and just use white vinegar alone because alcohol can exacerbate an inflammation caused by an infection.

If this does not do the trick after a couple days you should seek medical attention from a doctor. Normally they prescribe pain-killing drops along with some antibiotics to help remedy the infection. Another type of vinegar you could try is apple cider vinegar. That along with olive oil can be an effective remedy for an ear infection. You can try using cotton balls and dabbing some apple cider vinegar and then squeeze the cotton ball until your ear canal is full of the stuff. Let it sit for about a minute or so then turn your head and let all the stuff pour out. Repeat the same steps with olive oil instead of ACV. This home remedy for ear infection can be a lot cheaper and safer than antibiotics, but it may not be the best option for everyone.


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