Ear Infection Home Remedy – Should You Try It?

Are you looking for an ear infection home remedy? Severe pain in their ears, ringing noise, diarrhea, irritability, pus discharge, excessive discharge of earwax in the ear canal, discomfort, redness, itching of the ear canal are one of the many symptoms of an ear infection. When the body works at its peak efficiency, and if your body has a good acidic balance, you may be able to prevent bacterial infections.

Prevention is the best course of action when it comes to ear infections. You can prevent one by avoiding debris, water, and wax in the ears. If you already have an ear infection, you need to seek medical advice, especially so if you notice any loss of hearing loss, so please make sure you check with your doctor.

One of the few ear infection home remedies that may work is putting ethyl alcohol in the ears, it evaporates trapped water in the ear canal and it can also help kill bacteria.

Garlic and olive oil is another ear infection home remedy that may also be helpful – Add blanched garlic and five teaspoons of olive oil. Vinegar may also be helpful as it contains anti-bacterial properties as well. Make sure you dry your ears after exposure to water to help prevent an ear infection. Drying your ears in helpful, but if you are vulnerable to these kinds of infections, you should consider one of the following treatments:

Use an equal proportion of white vinegar and water mixture. This and other home remedies ear infection can completely remove the infection. You can use water instead of alcohol, but you bacterial infection may still re-occur, and vinegar may cause the wrong effect. So how do you deal with this?

Dry your ears with a hair dryer to evaporate the water molecules. Another home remedy ear infection that might work is the following: Try palm wax warm-up for a few days to soften ear wax, use mineral oil or glycerin – 3-4 drops of the solution. You can also try hydrogen peroxide. Do not use a Q-tip or pointed objects; you’ll just end up pushing wax further into the ear canal.

Twelve cloves of garlic, mustard oil in the skin, remove once it turns black. It’s always best to seeks medical advice from a physician, use ear drops prescribed by your doctor, these drops will kill the bacterial infection, and afterwards a course of antibiotics should be taken.

A dog ear infection home remedy would be similar to what you read above, go ahead and try the same procedure on your dog; I suspect that you’ll have positive results. So don’t hesitate to try this ear infection home remedy, it’s relatively safe and natural, but ultimately, you’ll want to have to seek the advice from a professional physician.


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