Ear Infection Home Remedies – What To Do When You Have Otitis

ear infection home remedies adultsFor those concerned about the dangers of antibiotics, ear infection home remedies may be the answer for you. There are many natural medicines for you to try if you are suffering from an ear infection. One thing you could do to relieve pain is to press up a warm water or salt in a bag against your ear. Another possible alternative treatment is to use a few drops of tea tree oil, it has been said work as a kind of natural anti-bacterial agent. It should be noted however that tea tree oil may irritate your skin if used too liberally.

You may also try an extract from a variety of different medicinal plants called Otikon. Otikon is a mixture of St. John’s wort, garlic, and other plants, it can be used as a kind of homeopathic anesthetic to treat pain caused by an ear infection. However, it should be noted that there may be some side effected associated with Otikon.

Yet another natural therapy you could try is called the Vasalva’s Maneuver. This maneuver involves opening the Eustachian tubes. Some say that it helps unplug the ears. To do this maneuver simply take a deep breath, then close your mouth, then pinch your nose and blow it gently. Be careful not to blow too hard as it may damage the eardrums if you do so. Also, do not try this technique if you have an infection, this is only for ear aches.

It is also a good idea to try taking some pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with an ear infection. It may also be helpful to try using some hot against the ear to help relieve some of the pain. Try using either a heating pad or a clean rag that has been heated. As with most illnesses, rest is very important in helping the body to heal itself. Eardrops are another common remedy, but make sure you consult a physician before taking anything over the counter.

Some people also try dropping some diluted garlic or onion juice into their ears, also it is recommended that you lie down with your ear against a bag of salt to try and help draw out some of the pus. A middle ear infection is very common in young children and if you have a child with this illness it is very important that you consult a physician as soon as possible rather than try some random ear infection home remedies and hope for the best.


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