Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy

dog ear mites home remedyWe hear stories all the time about people looking frantically for a home remedy for dog ear infection. The typical type of thing we hear is that a dog owner notices some inflammation and peeling around the ear are of their dog – a good indication of a dog ear infection. Usually people go to the vet when a problem like this arises, but some people are going through some financial hardships that make that a difficult thing to do these days.

Many want to have some affordable way to help get their dogs some relief from such a malady. In many cases, a home remedy is one of the few options that they have available to them. One possible treatment for dog ear infection is to try a OTC drug called Epi-Otic. Epi-Otic does not treat the infection, but it does help with some of the symptoms such as itchiness and irritation. Epi-Otic may also be effective in treating ear mites (which have similar symptoms to an ear infection).

Symptoms of dog ear infection include head shaking, persistent ear scratching, foul odor, and ear discharge,. The most common causes of a dog ear infection are yeast infections and bacterial infections.

Another potential home remedy for dog ear infection is to use betadine or salt water with boiled water, allow it to cool then use it on the affected area with it and dry.

You can also try using vinegar, such as apple cider or white vinegar mixed with water, then use a spray bottle and use the mist on the ear area, but not too deep as that could risk worsen the infection.

Vitamin E Oil has also been purported to be useful in relieving some of the pain and inflammation associated with a dog ear infection. Simply apply a couple drops or so and use it to gently massage your dog’s infected ear for a few seconds

Another potential home remedy for dog ear infection is garlic oil. Try using a few drops of garlic oil in the affected ear and do the same as with the vitamin E oil.

One other thing you could try is to use a warm compress on the dog’s ear a few times per day, it may help somewhat with the pain. Simply apply a warm moist towel in the ear region and press and hold gently for around half a minute or so.

The best cure as always is to take preventative measures. One important thing you can do to prevent your dog from getting an ear infection is to groom and wash your dog regularly, in addition, it is important to clip the fur inside the ear and clean it out thoroughly. It is also important to check your dog’s ears for any objects that could result in an ear infection. So, as you can see, a dog ear infection home remedy is not hard to come by, however, people consult a vet if you  do not see improvement within a reasonable amount of time.


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