Dog Diarrhea Treatment – Cause, Symptoms, Diet, and Medicine

home remedy for dog diarrhea

When your dog has some diarrhea related health problems a simple dog diarrhea treatment may just do the trick. Diarrhea, quite simply, is when the stool becomes loose and unformed. Usually when a dog has diarrhea the volume of the bowel movements will be quite large and the frequency will also be higher than normal as well.

What are the normal culprits of these sorts of symptoms in dogs? Well, typically there are two causes that are the most common amongst dogs. The first most common causes of dog diarrhea is parasites, the other is dietary indiscretion.

Normally it takes about eight hours for food to be processed through the small intestines and the colon concentrates what is left after the body has absorbed most of the energy from the food, it is then ejected as a solid stool. When a dog has diarrhea the food is moving more rapidly and it ejected more liquefied and loose. Many times dogs will eat just about anything and sometimes they will eat things that are indigestible. This causes some irritation for the dog’s stomach and what results sometimes is a case of diarrhea sometimes accompanied with vomiting. It might also be the case that some dogs cannot tolerate some types of food most other dogs can. Some dogs cannot tolerate beef, chicken, pork, eggs, corn, salts, fats, etc.

Intestinal parasites are another potential cause of dog diarrhea; it may be caused by roundworms, whipworms, giardia, hookworms, or threadworms. Another possible cause could be the use of drugs or medications or possibly even due to emotional distress. One way to treat dog diarrhea is to allow the gastrointestinal track of the dog to rest for a while and recover from whatever is that is causing the problem; therefore, it is a good idea to postpone meals for the dog for at least 24 hours. Also hydration is a very important step to take in recovery as well—you might want to also think about giving it some electrolyte supplements as well in order to replenish what was lost.

It is also important that you restrict certain foods for a week or so such as greasy, fatty, and spicy foods. If a simple dog diarrhea treatment does not work, make sure you visit a vet as the diarrhea may be due to a more serious issue and may need immediate medical attention.

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