Bladderwrack, as known as, Fucus vesiculosus, is a type of seasweed that is common to the coastal regions of the North and West Baltic Seas; plus the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. People often use bladderwrack to produce home remedies, health products, vitamin, dietary, and herbal supplements, natural cures for various things, and alternative medicines. Other common names for the seaweed include: black tang, bladder fucus, sea oak, rockwee, cut weed, black tany, rock wrack, red focus, Algue Laminaire, Alga Noreuga o Nudosa, Ascophyllum nodosum, kelp-ware, Goemon, Chene Marin, Blasentang, Laitue Marine, Marine Oak, Norwegian Seaweed, Meereiche, Schweintange, Quercus Marina, Varech, and Varech Vesiculeux.

Though bladderwrack is used for a number of maladies it should be noted that it is hazardous to consume bladderwrack and that there is very little to no scientific evidence to suggest that it is of much use for any medicinal purpose.


Health Benefits of Bladderwrack


Bladderwrack is noted as being one of the first sources of iodine. Initially it used to treat things like an over-sized thyroid gland and deficiencies in iodine.

Common ailments that bladderwrack is used as a home remedy includes: thyroid problems such as myxdemia (underactive thyroidism), goiter (over-sized thyroid gland), and iodine deficiency. In herbal medicine, it is primarily used as a good source of iodine which is vital for the thyroid gland. In addition, it has been noted in have some natural health benefits for when who are having some problems during their menstrual cycles.

Bladderwrack has additionally been recorded as being used for fighting obesity (as a weight loss supplement), arthiritis, pain and hardening in the joints (arteriosclerosis), heart burn, digestion problems, blood flow issues, bronchitis, constipation, UTI, emphysema, and general depression and anxiety. Some also say that it can be applied topically to combat skin disease and burns; even said to maybe even have some anti-aging properties.


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